Drug Abuse in Schools – Underground With the “Good Kids”

It’s too easy to stereotype drug abuse in our schools. Gang-bangers, minorities, skaters, skin-heads and boarders are the images that follow the words “drugs and schools.” Unfortunately, there appears to be a deeper epidemic growing quietly in many schools. An epidemic that left unchecked, will hasten the moral, societal and intellectual decay of our present

Loved Ones Of Drinkers Should Get Out And About

If you have a loved one with a serious alcohol addiction the chances are that you have become very withdrawn. After all, the average person you meet at a drinks party or down at the tennis club is unlikely to be able to understand what you’ve been going through and, because you feel ashamed of

Talking to Your Kids About Drug Addiction

Parents have many responsibilities and one of them is to ensure that communication about difficult subjects occurs. Because of the easy access to street drugs, it is therefore important that you are able to provide the education and environment to talk that will protect your child from using and becoming dependent. Following are some tips